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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment at Cheney School is thoughtfully planned into the curriculum at all Key Stages to ensure that teachers understand the progress students are making and students receive regular, useful feedback about how to improve. Regular assessment also enables teachers to review the effectiveness of the curriculum and to make adjustments when necessary. There are 3 Assessment Points in each school year where progress data is collected and analysed and reports sent home to parents.

School Reports

Every time you receive a report, you will receive at least two types of information for each subject taken by your child.

1. Learner characteristics

We have identified two key characteristics of students who make great progress in their learning, namely:

  • Attitude to learning
  • Homework quality

We believe that students’ development of these skills is of great importance in determining their future progress and attainment, as well as preparing them for life beyond school.  In each report you will receive a number for each learner characteristic for each subject, with a table that states what that number means.  The assessment is coded 1-5 but it is very important that you consider what the number means regarding your child’s learning, rather than seeing it as a score:  if a child does not achieve a 4 or 5, it does not mean they are under-achieving.  You can see the full definitions in the table below.

Learner Characteristics

2a. Current Mark

In Years 7, 8, and 9, your child will have a mark based on expected progress.

We use the following grades, based on how the student is meeting the term's objective in each subject.

Above Working above the expected attainment for students of the same age
Expected Working at the expected attainment for students of the same age
Developing Working towards the expected attainment for students of the same age
Emerging Working below expected attainment for students of the same age


2b. Most Likely Grade

In Years 10, 11, 12, and 13, your child will receive a 'Most Likely Grade'.

The 'Most Likely Grade' shows what grade might be achieved at the end of the course (exam or coursework-based) at the current rate of progress. It is not a target grade and may change from term to term.

2c. Minimum Expected Grade

This shows a statistically likely grade for your child.

For Years 10 and 11 it is based on a comparison of their KS2 SATS or another Nationally compared data (CAT4 Tests) with students who have completed their GCSEs and had similar KS2 SATS outcomes.

For Years 12 and 13 it is based on the average points scores of all GCSE and BTEC courses.

3. Mock Grades or Current Assessment

In some terms, your child may have a grade from a mock exam or other current assessment (such as a UCAS predictor exam) on their report alongside their learner characteristics and current working grades.

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