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Moving on from Sixth Form

The school provides a comprehensive programme of careers guidance through the weekly Sixth Form tutor programme, and assemblies.

Every year we have multiple talks and lectures on highly competitive professions such as Law and Medicine, as well as on the very exciting higher level apprenticeship opportunities which are increasingly becoming available.

We help you to identify the many excellent local opportunities, to find out more about careers through free lectures and events in Oxford or through carefully chosen work experience.  We hold our own annual careers evening where you can meet a very large number of adults working in a wide range of professions.  We also have an annual 'Back to Cheney' event where recent leavers talk about their experience of university.

Every student in Year 12 gets to attend a UCAS convention where almost every university and many of the main national employers and apprenticeship providers are represented.  Students wanting to apply to Oxbridge receive tailored individual support with wider reading, personal statement writing and interview preparation.

Parents and Students UCAS and Careers Evening -Tuesday 27th February 2024​Not Going to University Advice

Higher Education Advice

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