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Lunch menu apr jul 2024


Lunch Menu Apr-Jul 2024

Here at Cheney School, we have our own professional catering team on site, who freshly prepare meals every day on the premises.  We take pride in the fact we have been awarded a food hygiene rating of five (the highest possible) by Environmental Health for our catering.  We also source our produce from local suppliers wherever possible, in order to both support local businesses and minimise food miles.

Healthy Menu Choices

We offer an exciting range of choices to suit every palate, from a fresh main meal which changes every day (including a  vegetarian option) students can also choose soups, paninis, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and salads.  All major food allergens are clearly displayed, and staff are happy to answer any questions if required.

We have prioritised healthy food: vegetables are served with or in all main meals, freshly made salads, fruit pots and yogurts are always available. We no longer serve beef or lamb and offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. We don't use deep fat fryers, everything is oven-baked.

Free water is always available in the canteen and around the site, and we expect all students to bring their own reusable water bottles.

The prices for our meals are extremely cost effective, with a main meal priced at £2.40. Students pay for their meals using our cashless catering service.
Every student has a £6 daily spend limit. This should be enough for a breaktime item, lunch, a snack & a drink. If they try to spend more than this they are told they have passed their daily spend limit and cannot buy anything that takes them above it. Parents can contact the Catering Manager directly, or through their child's form tutor if they would like to increase/decrease this limit.

The three week rolling menu changes every quarter.

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Much of the product packaging in the canteen is plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable, including pastry wrappers, cutlery, coffee cups, lids and food trays.

Products made of card, plastic or aluminium can be recycled, such as drinks cartons and cans, fruit, yoghurt and jelly pots and water bottles, and if clean and dry can go in the red and green bins around school for recycling. 


To avoid unnecessary waste, we encourage all students to bring their own reusable water bottle. There are water refill fountains in the canteen, on the corner of R block and at the back of L block.

If students forget their refillable and need to buy a bottle of water, we sell Belu still mineral water in bottles made of 100% recycled plastic. Bottles and caps are fully recyclable.

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