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Higher Attainment

Every year, there are students at Cheney who get the best possible grades at both GCSE and A Level (10 or more grade 9s at GCSE or 4A* at A Level), and who go on to Oxford, Cambridge, medical school or other globally competitive universities. The universal offer consists of excellent teaching and a challenging academic curriculum, which will stretch the most able students. Individual teachers and departments provide advice and suggestions to the students who are most interested in their subjects, or who show the most aptitude.

Beyond this, there are lecture series for the Sixth Form, and Rumble Museum breakfast talks open to all years, in addition to academic seminars led by teachers on their areas of interest. All students do research projects through the humanities and science curriculums in Key Stage 3, which lead on to Higher Project Qualifications at Key Stage 4 (worth half a GCSE) and Extended Project Qualifications in the Sixth Form (worth half an A Level). Students applying for the most competitive universities also get bespoke interview practice and support in preparing for entry tests. Many further activities are arranged through the Rumble Museum, including use of museum artefacts in lessons, seminar series, visits or the museum council. More detail is available on the Rumble Museum page.

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