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Reporting a Bullying Concern

To report a bullying incident click here.

Please be aware that concerns raised using this form will be dealt with during school hours. There may be several concerns that we need to deal with and we will try our hardest to prioritise them. Therefore, please do give us 3 school days to respond to your concerns.

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At Cheney School we aim to maintain an atmosphere where all students are considerate of the person and property of others, and to ensure that, should bullying occur in any form, firm and immediate action will be taken.
We work to ensure that:

  • A high profile is given at all times to safeguarding students from all forms of intimidation or infringement of personal development.
  • Staff, students and parents are encouraged to be vigilant and are advised how to identify and deal with bullying. Instances will be reported promptly and accurately.
  • Students who feel that they are being intimidated are encouraged to seek early assistance from appropriate members of the school community.
  • Sanctions, from the full range of the school's disciplinary procedures, are used to deal with bullying.
  • Parents of both victim and bully are informed of incidents when appropriate.

Anti-Bullying at Cheney

We work hard at Cheney to prevent bullying. Mutual respect is at the core of our school ethos summed up by our motto ‘think for yourself, act for others.’ Not only do we promote tolerance by encouraging students to actively share their faith and beliefs in school, we are proud of, and celebrate our wonderfully diverse community which reflects today’s society.

We mark anti-bullying week each November and have 16 students across year groups 7-10 that volunteer as anti-bullying ambassadors.

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