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3 school rules_20032023Every day we speak to students about our expectations so that they understand what they are and, crucially, why they are important.  As with every school, occasionally things go wrong.  When they do we take a restorative approach and work with our young people to understand the impact of their actions and how to learn from their mistakes. Our approach to behaviour is also supported by the use of a series of warnings called the C System and a range of consequences where necessary such as after school detentions.

Inappropriate behaviour is managed through our C system of warnings:

  • C1 and C2 give students the opportunity to improve their behaviour without having a consequence.

  • If a student continues to not meet expectations after a C2, they are given a C3 and an automatic 30 minute detention.

  • If a student continues to misbehave they are given a C4, removed from the lesson and the detention is increased to 2 hours.

Detentions are set though our management information system which messages parents and carers automatically.

More serious incidents might result in an internal suspension, or a fixed term suspension and the most serious incidents can lead to permanent exclusion.

The details of our approach to behaviour can be found in our Respect for Learning Policy in the 'Policies' menu.

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