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Parent Portal (MCAS)

My Child At School (MCAS Parent Portal)

My Child At School (MCAS) is an online portal for parents that enables them to view their child’s pupil information at school in real-time via the MCAS app or a web browser. You can download the MCAS app via the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

The facility allows the child’s attendance, assessment, exams, timetable, class list, behaviour, reports and announcements to be accessed at any time. As well as pupil performance data, the portal also provides general information about school, such as the school calendar and any important announcements.

Please read the FAQ below for answers to commonly asked questions. For further questions, please see the comprehensive MCAS guide below.

MCAS Parent Guide

How do I access MCAS?

Parents (using a desktop computer or tablet) log in at:

MCAS Parent login

Using a mobile, log in using the iPhone/Android app. (You will need to choose a PIN for the app as part of the login process.)

First Time? Click on 'Reset Password' and enter your email address that Cheney sends emails to.
If your child is new to Cheney, Click on 'Sign  Up' instead, and enter your email address that Cheney sends emails to.

I've forgotten my password

Visit this site to recover your details or reset your password:

MCAS Password Recovery

Can I see my child at another school?

Yes, as long as your email address on the school records are the same, you will see children from different schools on the same account.

How do I change details on MCAS?

Using the Data Collection Form on MCAS you can edit, delete and add selected details of our children's and your personal details.

Addresses, Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers etc.

Some details such as Legal Name cannot be changed on MCAS. Please email your year team in the first instance, and if we need further details such as supporting documents, we will let you know. Any amendments will first be approved by Cheney School administration staff before any records are permanently updated. Amendments that are not approved will revert back to their original state. There may be a delay in approval, and we may contact you if we need clarification on details.

Give Parental Consent on MCAS

Using the Parental Consents form you can review and grant consents for your child, data, services and images.
Please read carefully and select the consents.

If you wish to revoke consent, you must email us.

How can I see Behaviour

Positive and Negative behaviour events recorded for your child appear instantly on the behaviour module in MCAS.
Click on the day to list the events recorded each day.

If you have any questions about behaviour please contact your child's year team.

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